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Ray Ward played senior softball in Northern California; but when he retired and moved to Grants Pass, he learned there was no senior league. He placed a notice in the paper in 1989 and 12 men responded.  In August 1989, three more men signed up after a picture of a Relic fielding a ball was published in the newspaper.  That first year the Relics team helped Medford recruit and organize a team, there was now a start of a league.  In 1991 there were enough players from Grants Pass to form two teams.  Players from those teams traveled to Medford, Bend and Eugene to compete. 


The league has grown consistently every year since. The Relics league was opened to women in 2002 and four women signed up that year. There are currently ten teams and over 130 players.




The Grants Pass Senior Softball League is comprised of men and women over 50 years of age and is a recreational league played at Reinhart (All-Sports Park).  Current players ages range from 51 to 88 years.  It abides by the American Softball Association (ASA) rules and other special rules adopted for play.  Safety is strongly stressed in the special rules.  Play is every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


The sign-up date each year is April 1.  There will be practice games for 2 weeks then teams are formed.  There are a couple of games with the teams and then league play begins.  The fee for playing has been $50.  It does vary from year to year.

A shirt and cap are furnished.  Bats are available, however, most players have their own bats.  A picnic is scheduled in the mid-season for players and their families.  A banquet is held at the end of the season for the members only.  Group and individual team pictures are taken during the season.  The picnic, banquet, uniform, and pictures are all part of your $50.


The revision and enforcement of the rules are duties of the Board of Directors who are players that are voted upon by the majority of the members.  The Board of Directors organizes all the activities of the league.  The Board of Directors consists of five members who serve two-year terms.  Three new members are elected on odd numbered years and two new members are elected on even numbered years.